Accuracy X Pistols are the finest 1911’s in the world.

ACCURACYXPISTOLS.COM We are proud to be a reseller of the 100% American made Accuracy X pistols.

Founded on the principle that excellent isn't good enough, the Accuracy X Pistol is painstakingly hand crafted out of the finest components, resulting in the most accurate and reliable pistols on the market.

Accuracy X is making a world-class, solid pistol. All their pistols are very well built. The craftsmanship is above reproach with fit and finish that is superb and, like much of their competition, the closer you get to the gun, the better the workmanship looks. The price for this level of performance is also exactly what you’d expect, and right in line with the majority of the high-end shops.

Churning out guns is not the norm at Accuracy X, but makes a limited number of guns per year is. The pistols are all made by hand and none of the process is rushed. If the pistols don’t meet the performance expectations in the Accuracy X guarantee, the guns go back to the workbench.

Accuracy X makes their own slides and frames and machine them from drop forged steel right in the USA. No cast parts in these pistols. Accuracy X first concern is quality control.

The only Stocking dealer is TK Custom

The Pro Series pistols are meant for daily use. The grips fit perfectly, the checkering is precise and well cut, sharp enough for a good traction, but not too aggressive that they eat you up. Everything is about function, not looks.

Unlike some 1911 manufacturers that dress up their pistols, the Accuracy X Pro Series guns are meant to be shot. These aren’t designed to be safe queens.

Accuracy X guarantees 1.5-inch groups at 25 yards. These guns do exactly that and maybe even a bit better.